What to Teach

The fascination for the ball, desire to play with it and thrill of scoring goals are mayor characteristic this age group. The joy and pleasure of the game are best nurtured by encouraging freedom of expression and organizing play in small groups.

Dribbling: keep the ball close (with toe and inside of foot), stops & go and 1/2 turns, kicking the ball at the goal (with toe, inside of foot, and laces), toss to self and catch.

Tactics :  where is the field, moving in correct direction (which goal to kick at), dealing with ball rolling away and toward.

Fitness: balance, running, jumping, rolling, hopping, skipping

Psychology: sharing, fair play, dealing with parental involvement(confusion), “How to play”, emotional management

Training Session

The Training Session (general information) should:

  • Involve fun and imaginative game
  • Facilitate fun activities that draw out the skill in the player.
  • Include small-sided games such as 1v1, 2v1, 2v2
  • should always conclude with a 3v3 game without goalkeepers if possible.
  • should be 45-60 minutes.


The environment and activities are more important than technical coaching at this level. The coach is friendly helper, facilitator, organizer and motivator. He/she should be patient, enthusiastic, and imaginative. The Coach should experiment with fun activities that include all players.
Recommended License: The U-6/U-8 State Youth Module is required. The National Youth License is recommended.

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