Learn About Esyda

Elite Soccer Youth Development Academy (ESYDA) is a year round non-profit coed sport academy serving Prince George and Montgomery County Maryland youth age 5 to 19.

Elite Soccer Youth Development Soccer Academy offers both recreational and competitive soccer programs to beginners through advanced skill levels. Our recreational program provides a safe environment for player primarily interested in fun, fitness, and friendship. For more advanced players, ESYDA offers highly competitive league development through local and regional competitions. Each year the academy stages several youth championship games with various titles up for grabs in boys and girls categories for U5 -8, U9 -11, and U19 and under.

Our players are served on a dedicated outdoor soccer field during our summer, spring, and early fall sessions. During our late fall and winter sessions, our players are served in A our dedicated indoor soccer field. ESYDA is an active member of the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA) and University of Maryland Athletic division. Also with our partnership with Gap Buster Inc, Elite Soccer Youth Development Academy stands behind its mission to educate and empower families to eliminate childhood obesity through our well-developed sport fitness programs.


Together with our dedicated volunteers, certified coaches, and trained staff, ESYDA provides its players the ability to learn character traits such as learning to build self-confidence, positive self-image, leadership, mentoring, and an educational enrichment that goes far beyond the field of soccer.

​​E-mail us on info@esyda.org.

We are dedicated as an organization and strongly committed as a motivated volunteer group of professionals to building the youth into the future we want & that they deserve through innovative actions, social and economic agendas, sport and soccer education programs, skills development and empowerment, continuing academic success support and  excellence that :

  • Elevate: their body, spirit and life perspectives to good, to great, to nothing short of the highest they could reach in life
  • Educate: them to academic success through the highest score in school college education, social & life skills development
  • Inspire: them to embrace dedication for noble worthy causes, community building & transformation, to dream big and aim high
  • Excel: their level playing field, standards & passion to excellence in every endeavor, every walks of live, transcending continuously their limits, capacity, with resilience to excel for nothing short of unparalleled performance in sport, soccer and life.
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