E.S.Y.D.A 2020 S.A.T Class

SYDA makes it part of its mission to help forge the next generation of leaders, businessman and women and community builder, one child, one workshop at a time.

This year ESYDA introduced, the Youth Entrepreneurship Series, a two-part workshop for high school students. It is aimed to help the children understand the importance of generational wealth through business ownership.

The first part held at the White Oak Recreation Center on April 15th was a success. The students learned about money, spending habits, the different types of money personalities, and advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurship. Furthermore, they created their vision board and left with the assignment to write their business plan and prepare to pitch their business idea at the next workshop.

On May 20th, the students returned with their business plans, and were able to present them to their peers and the parents in the audience. During each pitch, the audience who were playing the role of investor, meticulously took note and fought each other over the business. Some went home with an investment; others may have to go brush up their plan a little bit.

In the end, the message was clear. The students understood the importance of business and left with a clear idea of what they wanted to launch as their first project soon. Thanks to the facilitator, Dr. Stephanie Mbella, the handouts and resources provided during both workshops, they are one step closer to start creating generational wealth.

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  1. king eneh
    May 16, 2020 Reply

    my son was in this class and he like it very well

  2. Kevin Amouzou
    May 17, 2020 Reply

    I love this class, it really prepares you for the SAT!

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